UN-BREAUX-KEN: Delvin Breaux


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Counting the odds stacked against you is an action that extinguishes most dreams before they catch fire. Most are told to count the odds against them when their dream is larger than the person's vision they are talking to. The diminutive odds of a child becoming a professional football player wasn't an obstacle many thought Delvin Breaux couldn't overcome while he dominated each football field he played on during his upbringing in New Orleans. His surety of accomplishing such lofty goals, became out of sight to everyone aside from himself two days after his 17th birthday. During a routine tackle his senior year in high school, the prized recruit broke his neck in several places. Months before being bound to a hospital bed for a month long stay and experiencing several life-threatening surgeries, he verbally committed to LSU. Being able to walk again proved itself to be more of a concern than being able to walk onto a professional football field. Scars not visible to the eye do the most damage to the soul. Others viewed football as a meal ticket for Breaux. However, he saw it as healing for childhood experiences and traumas that he is opening up about for the first time in "Un-Breaux-Ken." After enduring a chaotic childhood that mirrored the pain of his devastating injury, Delvin Breaux became the first person in NFL history to break their neck in high school and become a professional football player. Breaux details his journey through the unthinkable to accomplish his lifelong goals in his powerful Autobiography, "Un-Breaux-Ken."